Diamond Consulting

Moti Israeli Diamonds offers a service that covers several vantage points, There is always at least one requirement the purchaser knows, be it price, or type of diamond. Based on this parameter, he can show you the availability on the world market.

Every diamond is unique and the perfect match for every occasion and
person is somewhere.

Diamond advisory services

Advice does not mean a sales offer; it does mean that if you want to buy,
just define your needs and Moti Israeli Diamonds will give you the best available possibilities, so you can make the wisest decision at your own pace.

Whether one single gem, two matching identical diamonds or many carats
of a particular grade, he will present options that you did not consider, it is all part of a diamond facility we offer.

Even if you have already been offered or seen a stone that is a possibility
for your needs, He can confirm its properties.

His advice or consultation service is completely detached from his sales
department and entirely without bias.

It differs from traders offering their own stocks with purported benefits
for their stones.

Reasons to choose Moti Israeli Diamonds

He is situated in the largest international diamond bourse with direct access
to all other major trading floors in the world and have been in the diamond
consultation and diamond manufacturing business for more than 45 years.

Contact us without any obligation to find out more about this unique
service that I only benefit you.

You are dealing with real person who have viewed every stone that is offered to you.

His expertise goes beyond a dry technical report or verbal description of a diamond.
Making a decision between two diamond reports is as if reading a film
script without watching the movie, choosing between two actual
gemstones is the reality, which has no substitute.

He had over the years searched and found diamonds for customers
all over the world , looking for stones in every size, shape and cut.

This has given him an advantage in negotiations for special deals,
sources that are unknown and polishing opportunities in restyling
or improving existing diamonds that are the pride of the most experienced.

He is well known and trusted in the trade and can secure deals that would
be otherwise excluded under normal circumstances.

His past is the key to your future, no more impossible deadlines,
no more anxiety, no more doubt in making the correct decision.

You can be sure you have made the right choice.He can even plan
together your buying schedules to fit your purchases to the best times
for lower prices making very significant savings in your budget.

Moti Israeli Diamonds gives you the light to make diamond
buying a brilliant experience.

It's  Definitely  Worthwhile  To  Contact Us –
Always Get The Best Diamond For Your Budget.

Diamond Consulting

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