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Dance with a Diamond and Discover the Real Rhythm

There is a song with the lyrics, "to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free" and there have been many opinions still with no consensus as to the meaning of these words.

Clearly, the word "diamond" conjures up many ideas and thoughts ranging from tender romance, intimacy and closeness to strength and stability. Relationships whether real or in our dreams need them both. Therefore, when Moti Israeli Diamonds sells a stone he definitely gives you a sky full of diamond stars and of course just put one on your finger and your hand will indeed be waving.

Music when played in harmony is both pleasant and soothing and a diamond whose crystal structure is in that perfect symmetrical cube system can be nothing else but agreeable and reassuring. Harmony is not enough to dance with, you need some rhythm and the reliance of a diamond and its constant proof of expressing true love is perhaps the best ingredient to make you dance until you drop with excitement.

Moti Israeli, the friendly, experienced diamond dealer gives free professional advice to anyone who wants to dance when buying a stone to express his or her innermost feelings.

Every feeling is unique to you, and every diamond as a star is different from another, create your own dance with Moti Israeli.

Moti Israeli Diamonds – where the beauty of the diamond starts with the purchase – you can only win.



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