Why Moti Israeli Diamonds

Moti Israeli offers a complete buying and advice service for any diamond requirements covering the Israel Diamond Bourse and other European Bourses including Antwerp, Belgium.

Nearly forty years in the business, Moti Israeli Diamonds offers their experience to solve any buying problems giving you a full impeccable service. Your interests are our interests, we are not selling 2 you, we are buying 4 you, and as we want you to come back to us, we take our work very seriously.

Moti Israeli is fully professional, has been trained in the industry in all the highest commercial aspects of the trade and spent many years learning the technical and gemmological side of diamonds as a gemstone. He is the second generation of his family in the business and all the experience of his predecessors has been imbued into his wide knowledge and love of the profession.

Moti Israeli Diamonds is a business based on service, keeping our customers happy and understanding their needs.

A client’s request is a challenge that we consider our own and Moti personally gives you 100% dependability, reliability, and full confidence in what you want to tell your customer.

It's  Definitely  Worthwhile  To  Contact Us –
Always Get The Best Diamond For Your Budget.

Diamond Consulting

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