The Constellation Was Brought To Israel


In the year 2016, the company Nemesis International purchased a massive diamond named "Constellation" that weighs 813 carat. Nemesis International purchased this diamond together with the Swiss jewel company De Grisogono in exchange for 63.1 million USD (which amounts to about 77.613 carat per carat).
The first polishing factory that was established in the United Arab Emirates was supposed to polish this diamond, which is most expensive raw diamond in the world. However, it was revealed only recently, that this diamond was brought to Israel in order to be polished by an advanced laser at the Israel Diamond Exchange.
At the Israel Diamond Exchange there is an advanced facility for polishing by laser (Microjet), which belongs to the company Synova. This facility allows us to polish diamonds at the outmost accuracy, and while wasting only a minimum amount of their raw material.  
The advanced laser device reduces the damage that is caused while cutting the expensive raw material and it is technologically the most advanced device in the world. This device is operated by a team of Israeli experts.
According to the estimations, the raw diamond that weighs 813 carat will be polished into two polished diamonds that one of them will weigh 325 carat and the other will weigh 100 carat. The color of these two polished diamonds will be D and they will belong to a level of clarity that is flawless, as its name (Flawless) attests so.
The diamond that will weigh 325 carat will be one of the largest flawless diamonds in the world.
Bringing this diamond to Israel emphasizes Israel's role as the capital of technology of the diamond industry.
Image courtesy of Lucara Diamond 

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