Diamantaires from China will Polish Large Diamonds in Israel


The new polishing factory that the Israeli Diamond Exchange and the Israel Diamond Institute are building nowadays in the compound of the diamond exchange in Ramat Gan will be one of the fields of cooperation that were agreed by the president of the Israeli Diamond Exchange, Mr. Yoram Dvash, and by the president of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange Mr. Li Qiang, who signed this week in Ramat Gan a historical memorandum of understanding between the two diamond exchanges.
This is evidence of the renowned specialty of the Israeli polishers and of the technological advantages here in Israel. The construction of a new polishing factory for large diamonds in Israel is part of the technological revolution that we are implementing in the Israeli Diamond Exchange.
An Advanced Polishing Factory for Large Diamonds
The Israel Diamond Exchange and the Israel Diamond Institute invested more than 3 million dollars in building the new factory for polishing large diamonds, which will be the most technologically advanced factory in this field. The factory will include two laser polishing centers, which will be set in the compound of the diamond exchange. This new factory will occupy an area of about 1,100 sq m, and it will employ about 150 polishers. The factory is expected to be opened at the end of January 2019, during the next international diamond week in Israel.

Remarkable Evidence of the Reputation of the Israeli Diamond Industry
In the course of this exciting event, in which a memorandum of understanding that is the first of its kind was signed, it was also agreed that senior Chinese companies will transfer to Israel the processing of large diamonds to a factory that will also be built in the compound of our diamond exchange. This extraordinary process in which contrary to the worldly trend, the Chinese are outsourcing work to Israel is an amazing evidence of the technological advantages of Israel and of the worldly reputation of our diamond industry.
The Chinese love Israeli made diamonds. Many Chinese who bought a small diamond for their wedding buy a larger diamond for their silver wedding and many of them buy such a diamond that was made in Israel.    

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