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We all know that buying an engagement ring or any other diamond jewel is usually a fiscal expense that in neither small nor definitely part of our regular budget. The diamond jewel industry is an industry that has a touch of mystery, which turns the process of buying diamond jewels into a task that isn't simple.

The diamond is the most expensive component in a diamond jewel, and therefore the diamond we choose is a critical factor in the price of the diamond jewel.

The price of a diamond is based on a number of factors, including its physical properties, and the following tips may help you a lot. You may be surprised to hear, but a flawless diamond that is completely transparent shouldn't be your main objective.
These are the reasons:

The beauty of a diamond derives first of all from its sparkle. A diamond that doesn’t sparkle is unaesthetic. You can compromise on a lot of things when buying a diamond jewel, but the quality of the diamond's cut is something you shouldn't compromise on. The quality of the diamond's cut actually determines the level of its sparkling, and a diamond that wasn't cut properly will not sparkle. You should buy a diamond jewel that its level of cut is excellent or at least very good.
You can compromise on the level of the diamond's clarity. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare, and therefore their price is very high. There are many diamonds that have small flaws that can only be detected through a magnification that is times 10. These diamonds are cheaper than the perfect diamonds, but you shouldn't be concerned that somebody will notice the difference. A level of clarity that is VS1, VS2 or SI1 is absolutely sufficient.
Another smart choice refers to the color of the diamond. Colorless diamonds are rare and are deemed prettier. They are also more expensive. However, when you embed small colorless diamonds in a diamond jewel, this advantage of prettiness disappears. Also, only an expert will be able notice through the naked eye the differences in the colors of the diamonds once they are embedded in the jewel. This is especially true when the diamonds are embedded in gold that gives them a yellowish tone. Therefore, a level of color that is F, G or H is definitely sufficient.
The sparkle of the diamond derives from the reflection of light. You can maximize this quality by embedding a large diamond that is surrounded by small diamonds. The reflection of the rays of light between the small diamonds and the one in the center will highly strengthen the sparkle of the diamond and it will also create an optical illusion that will make the diamond look larger than its actual size.
Another illusion occurs when you choose a diamond jewel that is made of white gold that is covered with rhodium. Rhodium is a shining silver metal, and therefore it strengthens the sparkle of the diamond and makes it appear larger. But you need to be careful when it comes to a gold jewel covered in rhodium, because after a few years the rhodium cover will peel off and the ring will look bad.
The manner the diamond is embedded also affects the appearance of its size. Conservative methods of embedment that cover more of the diamond's area make it look smaller. Modern methods of embedment that expose more of the diamond's area make it look larger. However, it is important to mention that if the diamond is more exposed then you need to assure the quality of the embedment, so the diamond will not fall off and get lost.
Most of the times, an embedment of a high quality assures that the diamond will not fall from the jewel, but don't be shy and ask to look at the diamond through a magnifying glass in order to detect flaws in the embedment. You don't have to be an expert in order to detect non-qualitative work.
The last option for increasing the surface area of the diamond is to choose a method of embedment that is called an invisible embedment. In this method you need to embed small diamonds close together, and then when we look at the diamond not in a profound way, it looks like one large diamond and not a number of small diamonds- and this will make the diamond jewel look much more impressive.    

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