The Engagement Moments


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in our lives – and the engagement ring is definitely playing a major part during this event. There are many ways to lead this parade:                         
some women prefer to be surprised with an amazing diamond ring, being totally unprepared, some of them being filmed for a future viral video to take over the social media with her joyful yelling filled with OMG and “YES!                                                                      Others, prefer choosing their engagement ring afterwards in order to make sure that the diamond that would accompany her wedding ring for eternity is well-suited one.

Why love and diamonds are forever?
Diamond is a result of millions of years in the making. After being processed in the core of the earth, the diamond goes through additional perfecting process in order to ensure the quality, the clarity and the highest carat possible.                                          
Everything counts here:  the weight, the carat, the cut and of course – the overall design which joins diamond and precious metal together in an eternal beauty crafted for representing an eternal love.
All this effort, provided by nature and man alike is being reflected in this one spectacular purchase of a sparkling ring – as sparkling as the eyes of the bride to be.

The reason why Israel have the best diamonds qualities
While there were few main dominators in the diamond industry, lately we all can see some shifting taking place and Israel gaining respect and authority in the diamond industry as well.                              
This became possible thanks to the determination, technological savvy and the ability of the Israeli taking anything good –
and making it great.                                                                                    
During the last few years, the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan became a central location for the worldwide industry for both raw and polished diamonds.
Hence, choosing the perfect engagement ring while visiting the country for business, pleasure or both is definitely the right move for any eligible bachelor who is ready to give up his frivolous lifestyle.
How to make the perfect purchase for an engagement ring?
The perfect engagement ring is a combination of great carat, size and cut of the diamond, being visible enough while keeping it light enough of the subtle feminine finger, combined with the perfect design.      
That picking the ring with a meaningful design will always add points to your proposal, so don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to the ring you choose – including engraving you initials or a secret message to your loved ones.                                                                    
Visiting the holy land for choosing the perfect diamond from our huge diamonds market is a great way to ensure that the proposal will be most memorable.                                                                         
The first ring for your marriage proposal will be the symbol of the rest of your life.

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