Investment in diamonds worth more than cash money in your bank account


You have saved money?
You deposited it in bank accounts and in tax shelters in many countries throughout the world?
Then it obvious that you really want to preserve its value.
But the fact that in the recent years, the investments in the banks carry an annual interest of 0%,
together with the commissions that are paid to the banks and to the portfolio managers,
have brought to a situation that these investments decrease on an yearly basis.

Recently, the authorities in the USA started to demand from all of the foreign banks to assure that their clients
shall present documents from the tax authorities in their countries that the taxes on these deposits have been duly paid.
Therefore, many are looking these days for alternative investment options that will allow them to bypass the high commissions in the foreign banks and the taxes that are imposed on them during the sale and the purchase process.

The advantages of the investment in diamonds

Today there is a new-old alternative for investment that is coming back into fashion and it is – investing in diamonds.
When you are interested in a good investment for your money, and you are not sure which is the most appropriate alternative that you should choose?  You still have many options for investment. The main ones which we can be mentioned here are:
A bank deposit, shares in the stock exchange, bonds, mutual funds, the purchase of real estate and etc.
Each one of these offers has its advantages and disadvantages.
So how do you choose between them?
In the past you would address the clerk or the financial advisor at the bank's branch so that he would invest the money at the bank. However, today the banks aren't very inexpensive for investment. The interest is negligible and the investment hardly increases throughout the years. In addition, the bank decreases the investment more and more by different commissions, such as commissions for keeping the documents, and even by fines for taking the money out of the savings plan ahead of time.
The purchase of real estate for investment is also not so easy. Finding a real estate requires a lot of knowledge, a high fiscal investment, purchase taxes and the search after reliable tenants year after year.
In light of the above, you can see that there is a need to rethink which is the best alternative to invest your money in it?

Why byuing diamonds as an investment is an excellent choice?

The buying of diamonds is an excellent option for preserving the value of the money. It is an easy, convenient and friendly investment.
Here are a number of good reasons why to choose to invest your money specifically in diamonds:
- Buying diamonds is a simple an uncomplicated action; - You do not need to learn complicated theories in the capital market in order to perform it; - You don't need to receive quarterly bank statements that explain the commissions that were deducted from the investment.

Buying diamonds is as simple as it was years ago. A known and authorized gemological laboratory estimates the value of the diamond, then you buy the diamonds according to the budget you chose in advance, and you keep them in the safe, or you set them in an appropriate jewel. Contrary to other alternatives of investment, such as real estate that suffered a hard blow throughout the world, or shares, that sometimes their value decreases especially when you need money, and other investments that decrease due to the declarations of politicians, the buying of diamonds is a good investment that preserves its value, and it even proves itself as an investment that has a nice and convenient yield across the years.
Contrary to other methods of investment, diamonds are forever, they are always glamorous, they exist for thousands of years, and they are purchased mostly by women or by men who want to impress their spouses.

Apparently, the diamond never went out of fashion, and it is always prestigious to be seen with a diamond jewel.
When you want to give an impressive present for a wife or for a daughter, an item that doesn't go out fashion even after hundreds of years, you can simply give a diamond. This is the most exclusive present for those that are fond of prestige and romance.
You are hereby invited to address us and receive an attractive offer from a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange, who is an expert and has a vast experience in investing in diamonds.


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