Lab grown diamonds today, where will they be tomorrow ?


What are laboratory diamonds?
Laboratory growth diamonds, which are also called synthetic diamonds, are diamonds that are not found in nature, but are specifically produced in a laboratory.
In the laboratory, we reconstruct the conditions that natural diamonds are produced in. These conditions of the area include a pressure and high temperatures. This way, instead of waiting millions of year, you can produce diamonds in a rapid and controlled manner.
Are lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds the same?
I believe that a stone that originates from the ground and a stone that was created in a laboratory are two different stones. A natural diamond is a gem that originates from the depth of the ground, where it was created in a process that takes millions of years. There are no two natural diamonds that are the same, and therefore they are so priceless. Laboratory diamonds are created by technological measures within a number of days, and in the future they will be produced in large quantities. Therefore their price may decline in the coming years. Throughout all of the years, not only have the natural diamonds maintained their value, because of their value, their price rose, and therefore a secondary market, which allows people who purchased a real diamond to resell the diamond and receive cash in exchange for it Arose. I still have not heard of a store that will agree to buy back a lab grown diamond after the client left the store.
Is it true what is published in the internet, that lab grown diamonds cheaper by 30 to 40 perceptions from real diamonds?
According to the marketers, the price of the synthetic diamonds is lower by 30 to 40 percent from the price of the real ones.
The companies that produce and sell the lab grown diamonds mislead the public in regards to their price. In order to check the price you need to compare between two completely identical products, and I did so when I entered Leahy two websites, one called Miadonna and the second is called Diamond Foundry, and then I compared the lab grown diamonds that these two websites Offer, to identical diamonds that are offered in a known website called Blue Nile, which sells real diamonds certified by the GIA.
Here are the results:
For a round stone of 1.1 carats G VS1, I found that the lab grown diamond is only 2% cheaper than the real diamond.
For a Princess cut stone of 1.07 carats G VS2 the lab grown diamond was 3.3% only cheaper than the natural diamond.
I re-evaluate that the producers are grading their synthetic stones with much more generous than the real diamonds
certified by the GIA.
The meaning of that is that a lab grown diamond that offered for sale as G VS2 is in most of the time H SI1, and its fiscal value is lower.
How can a client who wants to purchase a natural diamond protect himself from buying a diamond that was produced in a laboratory?
As for small stones below 20 points, there is a concern that dishonest suppliers will mix real diamonds with laboratory stones. Although there are today devices that can distinguish between laboratory diamonds and natural diamonds, these devices are still expensive and they are not available in every store.
As for larger stones, you need to ask from the seller for a gemological certificate from a renamed plan like the GIA, which explicitly mentions if the diamond is a natural one.

In conclussion
The natural diamond is a spectacular creation of nature. Every natural diamond will always be unique and exclusive- what makes it loved and appreciated by women who wear gold jewelry that natural diamonds are set in it. The lab grows diamonds are evidence to a technological advancement, but they do not have the monetary value for the coming years. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a diamond and you are looking for the full value for your money, then natural diamonds are a better choice than handmade diamonds.

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