Proposal story and the stunning diamond ring


Dating and even living together is great – but there’s this moment in every couple’s life which divides their lives to “before” and “after”. This moment is, of course, the moment of engagement, when the question is popped and tears of joy are shed. And as pure as these tears is the diamond in the diamond ring. In order to make sure this moment will live in the memory of all family members to come, it is important to make sure that the ring is truly spectacular.
The value of the proposal story as itself
In order to make your own matrimonial history, it’s impossible to avoid the necessity to acquire first class act of a ring. The ring is the central piece in the proposal story, which can be complicated and beautiful and always demands a culmination in the form of presenting the perfect ring. The story can be crafted according to the own personal history of the couple. The story can use all kinds of means, including video, music, secret trails, treasure hunts etc. This part of the project is up to the person proposing. However, choosing the right diamond might be easier if doing so with the help of skilled and educated expert in the fields of diamonds.
Why consult on choosing the perfect diamond for the ring?
The diamond industry has been pretty stable for many decades. However, the modern world presents new challenges for this industry as well. As in many others, the technological advancement had created the ground for falsification and using the ability of machines to create different products easily had affected the diamond industry as well. But there are enough counter-measures to ensure the authenticity of each diamond as well. The Israeli Diamond Exchange, as well as the experts from Moti Israeli Diamonds are equipped with all the necessary devices to check on every diamond thoroughly before selling it to you, so everything that has to be done is to run all the required tests on time.
Getting the perfect design to go with the diamond
Anyone would understand that diamond is just the cherry on top. In order to create the perfect proposal story, there’s a need of special combination, which includes both – great polished, sparkling, breath-taking diamond and the perfect design to accommodate it. Some prefer pure yellow gold, others – white, while for some others red gold embodies the sense of a real love. Being consulted by Moti Israeli may be the perfect way to pick the ring of your dreams and make it the best proposal story ever. With the great diamonds the Israeli Exchange can offer and considering that the best jewelers are working in Israel, you can be sure that this small but highly sufficient country will be the best place to get your engagement diamond ring. Diamonds and love are forever – especially when they come for the holy land!
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