The real diamonds on the red carpet of the Oscar 2017


The Oscars ceremony is one of the most glamorous events of the year and all of Hollywood's stars are taking the opportunity to show themselves in their glory. It is also the evening of all jewelers, who can only dream of the exposure of their products at such levels, and provides a great grounds for cooperation between designers and diamond suppliers.
Impressive diamonds presented on the red carpet
How glamorous the Oscars can get? Here's an example – the 48 years old, most successful "Friends" graduate Jennifer Aniston wore an impressive pair of earrings (custom-made 100 carat diamond) and one ring with huge 20 carat diamond – and it all summed up to the amazing amount of 10$ million worth jewelry. And the classy actress didn't look flashy at all in her black dress by Versace.
Another celebrity who proved that diamonds are girls' best friends this year was Beyoncé who also attracted major attention thanks to her varied jewelry. They were outstanding both in the worth of diamonds, as well as in the design. Among others, she wore a lovely ring shaped as a heart with a diamond in its center, a necklace full of diamonds and few bracelets. Unlike Aniston, she had more units to create a unique style and apparently, that's also the trend this season – the more rings, the merrier.
The real diamonds on the red carpet of the Oscar 2017       
How diamonds are being picked for the event?
Considering the importance of the event, all stars are being assisted by their stylists who pick up various options for jewelry, later trying them on and with the chosen outfit. Plus, it is important to pay attention to the trends of the season which always reach their pick at the awards ceremonies. For example, these year the stylists who told the American press about the preparation process shared that stackable rings is the hottest jewelry trend this season. All in all, it takes months of preparations, both for the designers, the importers of the diamonds, the stylists and the stars themselves. So it's always best for all to make sure that the diamonds used for the special event is highly polished, shiny and looks unbelievable good. Israeli diamonds can certainly be counted as the best there is.
Diamonds and the Israeli industry
Similar issues were debate the same very month (February 2017) in Israel, during the annual Diamonds Week in the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. This year, American diamond magnates made a significant appearance in different events and panels during the get-together. Considering that Israel diamond industry is gaining high exposure due to its quality of both rough and polished units – one can assume that some of them ended up on the red carpet as well, as part of the jewelers' most impressive works. 

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