What are the Common Shapes of Diamonds?


What are the Common Shapes of Diamonds?
Many jewelry stores offer a rich variety of jewels that have diamonds of different shapes and of different prices embedded in them. In the process of buying diamond jewelry it is important to understand what is a qualitative diamond? and what are its characteristics?. The four characteristics that dramatically influence the quality and the price of the diamond are the four Cs. However, the shape of the diamond also influences the diamond's appearance and its reflection of light. The shape of the diamond also influences the price of the diamond jewel and the price of the diamond itself. Therefore, I will elaborate here about the common shapes of diamonds and about choosing a diamond that will suit your preferences in exchange for a fair price.
After the mining of the diamond, it arrives to the diamond polishers in a raw and non-organized form. Usually, the polishing of the diamond into its final form is decided according to its raw shape, according to the characteristics of the diamond, and in rare occasions, it is decided according to the desire of the one who purchased the diamond even before it was polished.
The Most Common Shape of a Diamond- the Round-Shaped Diamonds  
About 85% of all of the diamonds that are sold to customers are round shaped diamonds. This round shape is also called a brilliant cut, and it is achieved by 57 or 58 cuts that create in the diamond tiny facets, which give the diamond a rounded shape that reflects the light through typical sparkles. Averagely, the brilliant cut diamonds are about 30% more expensive than diamonds that are cut in other ways because relatively large portions of the raw stone are lost in the polishing process.
Other Common Shapes
Princess- Here we cut the diamond into a shape of a square that allows us to use the raw material that has a crystal shape. The price of this diamond is cheaper compared to the round-shaped diamond.
An Oval Diamond – This elliptic shape has 56 polishes and an elongated shape that suits people with long fingers. The perfect proportions between the length and the width of the diamond are 1.4-1.5, because in such a ratio between the length and the width the sparkling and the reflection of the light are optimal.
A Drop (or a Pear) - this is a popular way to cut the diamond when it comes to diamond earrings because it gives the diamond a distinctive and luxurious look.
Emerald- Here the diamond is polished in a unique technique that is called "stairs", which gives the diamond a very transparent look. However, this method of polishing hurts the unique shine of the diamond because the light isn't reflected by dozens of facets, as it is in others ways of polishing.
There are many other shapes of a diamond such as radiant, a cushion, a heart, marquise asscher cut and etc.
How do you choose a diamond?
As we mentioned above, the cutting of the diamond is only one variable that influences its quality and its price. When you choose a diamond jewel, it is important to choose the one that is exactly according to your taste (because diamonds are forever….). However, it is also recommended to pay a fair price for the diamond you chose. A qualitative gemological certificate and trustworthy professionals will allow you to fairly price the diamond and they will present the unique qualities of every diamond before you.       

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