White diamonds are still the girl's best friend


They call it "the awards season" for a good reason. The Oscars is just main event of long list of events showcasing various current affairs in the world of fashion, celebrity, culture and more. Long story short, during the awards season one can see what's "hot" and what's "not". In order to honor this special time of year 2017, Gemfields hosted a special cocktail party in Los Angeles. And although it was February, everything was shining bright, just the way diamonds should. Moti Israeli Diamonds presents short review of the event and its highlights.

White and colored diamonds and the Israeli Diamond Exchange
One of the most essential topics on the table of the jewelries business it's what is the most essential component of the luxury piece? Is it the white diamonds, or the colored? Needless to say, that buying diamonds in Israel is nothing out of the ordinary for the designers of the best jewelry all around the world – and especially in Hollywood (considering that everyone is aware of the secret that a group of Jewish powerful men are in charge of everything). Hence, one may assume that there are plenty of gems from the Israel Diamond Exchange circulating in California these days. And the white ones are shining brighter than ever nowadays. Colored diamonds from Israel are also being highly regarded, so it's a matter of class and perspective mostly, not just popularity.

So, what is the bottom line?
During the special event hosted by the Gemfields brand in Hollywood, one could see the variety offered by the market. First, the Gemfields Company is a miner, marketer and distributor of emeralds, rubies and amethysts so the inclination is naturally towards colored gems. However, during the occasions we all may see a few kinds of diamonds. For example, the starlet model and host Louise Roe was wearing rubies and emeralds on different occasions. The choice of colored diamonds is usually made according to the outfit, while red and green diamonds are complimenting illuminating outfits, acting as splashes of color on relatively plain colors, or as a total match of the outfit.
When white diamonds are girls' best friends?
White diamonds are still the girl's best friend

We may have seen plenty of white diamonds in this awards season. The fit perfectly the black and white outfit, complimenting fierce make-up (diamonds and red lipstick – it doesn't get any hotter). During the special event by Gemfields on February 24th we could witness various jewelry worth Millions dollars and presented in the most exquisite way. The intimate event was organized in honor of the Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga and Karla Welch – her stylist. Both women showed up in black and white outfits, slick and leather-like looks.
What is the future of white diamonds?
As this award season showed us, the most cherished principle in the industry nowadays is diversity. We may see all colors, all textures and patterns in clothes, jewelry and make-up. However, as time showed us time after time, as well as the work of designers creating masterpieces with diamond jewelries in Israel – the white diamonds are never going to fade away.  

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