5 Tips For Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You've decided to propose and you want to make sure the memory of the day you asked "the big question" is perfect. That means taking care of every detail, from the flowers and wine, to the diamond ring you'll be proposing with. Buying the perfect diamond engagement ring may sound intimidating and a lot of people don't know where to begin their search, so we've put together 5 tips to make things just a bit easier for you.

1. Snoop Around Her Jewelry Box

Even if you know your significant other very well, you may not have noticed what her diamond preferences are. Before you even begin searching for "the" ring, take closer look at the jewelry she wears and likes. Is it bold and colorful, minimalistic and modern, or old-fashioned and classic? You don't have to be able to describe her style, but try to get a feel for a common theme in her taste for jewelry so that you increase the chances of seeing a ring you can imagine her wearing.

2. Decide on a Budget for a diamond ring

This part makes everyone uncomfortable, but it shouldn't. You have a budget you're comfortable with, and exceeding that budget will make you nervous. Decide on price you won't go past and stay with it. Don't be ashamed to tell jewelers what your budget is, it's perfectly normal and it doesn't mean you're cheap or you love your significant other any less! A professional jeweler will probably ask you what price range you're looking for anyway before showing you anything because there are so many options!

3. Make a List of diamond Jewelers

You probably have a number of jewelers in your area. Make a list and visit each and every one of them. Not all of them will have what you're looking for at the ideal price. Also, even if you find the "perfect" diamond engagement ring in the first jewelry shop, don't buy right away. You still have to go through the entire list to make sure you're buying the best possible engagement ring for the best possible price. Don't forget to take into consideration if you want anything engraved on the ring, this can slightly increase the price.

4. Take Someone With You

Don't go ring shopping alone. You want someone there to give you their opinion about the ring. The ideal shopping companion would be the closest friend of your partner-to-be. That way, they can tell you for sure what ring is really in line with their jewelry preferences and taste. Also, it is good to have a friend with you because sometimes it can be intimidating to make a choice about something that is so expensive and sellers can often push you to make a decision you'll regret. A friend will help you feel more comfortable taking your time and, when needed, refusing.

5. Get the Details Sorted Out (or why diamond certifications are so important?)

When you find the ring you want to buy, make sure that the jeweler or wholesaler you're buying from provides you with certification for the diamond. This certificate will contain all of the details of the diamond, it's cut, it's color, shape, and more. Never buy a diamond that doesn't have a certificate! If there are any other details you're worried about, like a return policy, resizing services, etc., verify that they are available before making a purchase.

Good luck!

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