Four Tips For Buying Round Diamonds

When it comes to buying diamonds, round diamonds are usually the first choice. They are the most popular shape among jewelers and are usually seen most often in jewelry settings. If you know you're looking for a round shape, here are a few things to help you shop for the perfect diamond.
1. Decide What You're Looking For
Don't just say "round". There are many more aspects to a diamond besides its visual shape. Start by deciding what size and color you want. Later on, that will help you significantly narrow down your options.
2. What is your budget?
Knowing what your budget is will help filter out a ton of irrelevant diamonds when you search online. Diamonds differ greatly in price, even if they are the same size and shape. There are more features in play like carat weight, cut, clarity, and color grade.
3. Understand the 4 Cs
We mentioned them in Tip #2. The four Cs are carat, cut, clarity and color.
Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Two diamonds can appear to be the same size and have different carat weights so don't mistake the size of the diamond to how many carats it has. The more carats, the more expensive the diamond. The most common weights in round diamonds is 1 carat and 2 carats.
The cut refers to how the diamond is proportioned. How a diamond is cut affects how much light goes through it, which means that a well cut diamond will be more brilliant.
The most expensive diamonds are those without any color at all, which allows more light to shine through. The color of a diamond is graded from completely colorless, which is the most expensive, to a light yellow, which is the least expensive.
The clarity of a diamond refers to how many flaws it has when viewed under a microscope. Obviously, the more flawless a diamond, the more expensive. However, many diamonds may be less expensive due to flaws that the human eye can't even see without a microscope, which might make them more appealing to diamond shoppers on a budget.
4. Research
There are a lot of online diamond wholesalers and, while it may seem scary to buy diamonds online, you can find great deals! To avoid being scammed or any confusion on your end, make a list of all the online diamond wholesalers you can find and narrow the list down to those that offer a money-back guarantee, shipping insurance, large and clear photos of all of their diamonds, and GIA certification for all their diamonds.
The same applies to wholesalers or retailers with shops in your area. Always make sure you get certification for the diamond you're buying.

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