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Where? Israel Diamond Bourse

Our offices are within the Israel Diamond Bourse complex offering a choice unparalleled in the world. Israel is a leading centre in the world of diamonds. Much of the world’s rough diamonds are processed in Israel. Its factories are known for their sophistication and technological advancement. It has the largest trading floor in the world with 3,000 members and up to 15,000 people passing through the complex daily.

International mining companies, suppliers of rough, specialist manufacturers and polishers, laboratories, buyers and traders from the four corners of the globe all converge in this amazing complex. We have been  here for over thirty five years and knowing and being part of the cog wheels that make it turn we can offer all of its facilities to our customers who can sit back and relax.

Who? Second generation family business.

Moti Israeli and his team are in the hub of the Israel Diamond Bourse. A second generation family, friendly business, that understands the needs for diamond buyers whether it be retail organisations or investors, we have cut and polished diamonds to the highest standards for long standing clients worldwide.
We are big enough to have the power to buy flawlessly yet small enough to be versatile for your own individual requirements.  After nearly forty years in the business, we at Moti Israeli Diamonds will exercise our experience to solve the all too well known buying problems and turn this dilemma into your own personal pleasant surprise.

What we offer? 

Meet Moti Israeli, your man on hand and together with his team, they have their finger on the pulse as to all available stones in the Israel Diamond Bourse.

You are dealing with a real person who has viewed every stone that is offered to you. His expertise goes beyond a dry technical report or verbal description of a diamond. The certificate is only half the story; our expert lets you know the unknown and reveals the unrevealed. Making a decision between two diamond reports is as if reading a film script without watching the movie, choosing between two actual gemstones is the reality, which has no substitute.  

Why choose Moti Israeli Diamonds?

The team as a whole has an unmatched broad knowledge that is an essential ingredient in the overall service that we offer. This ranges from finance, diamond technical expertise, diamond market knowledge, diamond mining, rough availability and commercial awareness in all related trades including jewellery and diamond investments.
When the “right” rough comes along, we have the ability to cut, polish, and sell the finished stones to big companies at a price that allows them to make a profit. We are in the market and trading and we can proudly put our money where our mouth is.

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