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The oval shape is an elongated shape that has 56 facets in different proportions in the parts of the diamond. This shape is actually a combination of a round diamond and an emerald diamond in such a way that combines together the advantages that are in these two separate shapes.
The oval shape was invented in the 1960s by the American diamond corporation "Lazare Kaplan". The oval shape especially fits women with thin fingers that do not want a wide diamond like the round diamond, but are interested in the shine and glamour of the round cut.
The color and clarity of the diamond are factors that influence the price of this diamond shape, and the ratio between the width and the length of the diamond also has a large influence on its price. The length of the diamond needs to be 1.5 up to 1.7 times larger than the width of the diamond. Every deviation from the customary proportions shall substantially decrease the shine of the diamond and its value.

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