Tips From A Diamond Expert

In recent years, more and more diamond exchanges and suppliers have begun selling diamonds online. Today, diamond exchanges offer a reliable platform that is safe and secure and provides buyers with all of the information they need to make a purchase online. This not only saves time and money on purchases, but also opens doors on an international level, connecting buyers and suppliers from around the world.
Before you begin purchasing diamonds online, here are four tips from diamond experts:

1. Make an Organized List of Diamond Retailers
Start with a simple search of diamond retailers and exchanges and save the links. At this point, don't spend too much time on each website, just save every link that you find.
Once you have a long list of online diamond retailers, start narrowing the list down by removing anyone from the list that does not seem reliable and does not offer a secure online purchasing method. You can easily do this by looking at the payment security certification available on the site (usually located in the footer), read the terms of use and any other legal documents available, read online reviews from previous buyers, and see what kind of diamond certification they offer. In general, diamond exchanges like the Israel Diamond Bursa, and certified diamond retailers that work with these exchanges are usually reliable.
2. Define Exactly What you’re Looking For
The different types of diamonds out there are endless and simply browsing random diamonds to see what you want to buy is not a very efficient way to go about this. If you are looking for something specific, write it down. If not, try to write down any characteristic that may help narrow the search down. Here are a few things to consider:
- Purpose of the diamonds (resale, kind of jewelry.)
- Budget
- Amount of diamonds you need
- Size
- Shape
- Color
- Quality
3. Get Acquainted with the Lingo     
The diamond industry, like any other, has its own list of terms and abbreviations that you need to be familiar with if you are going to be purchasing online. Here are a few abbreviations you should know:
AGS - American Gem Society Laboratory (diamond certification)
GIA - Gemological Institute of America (very reliable diamond certification laboratory) 
EX - Excellent (the highest rating from the GIA)
None – Closed Culet.
Flu - The diamond's fluorescence rating
There are many more abbreviations, especially of various certification laboratories such as EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), HRD (Diamond Grading Laboratory for the Belgium High Diamond Council), and CGL (Central Gemological Laboratory in Japan).
4. Start Buying
You are now ready to begin purchasing online. Make sure to look at each diamond's certification and report thoroughly to understand its grade, worth, and how it looks. This takes time, especially if you are new to this, but is ultimately worth it when you make a great purchase.
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