White Diamonds

The Timeless Beauty of White Diamonds from Israel

In the world of gemstones, few possess the allure and timelessness of white diamonds. Among the various sources of these exquisite gems, Israel stands out as a significant contributor to the global diamond market. Renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, white diamonds from Israel hold a special place in the hearts of gemstone enthusiasts worldwide.

What sets Israeli white diamonds apart is not just their dazzling brilliance but also the meticulous attention to detail in their cutting and polishing. Israeli diamond cutters are revered for their expertise, honed over generations, resulting in diamonds that exhibit unparalleled fire and scintillation.

Moreover, Israel's diamond industry adheres to stringent ethical standards, ensuring that each diamond is sourced responsibly and ethically. This commitment to sustainability adds another layer of beauty to these already mesmerizing gems.

Beyond their physical attributes, Israeli white diamonds carry a rich cultural significance. They symbolize elegance, sophistication, and enduring love, making them a popular choice for engagement rings and other meaningful jewelry pieces.

In essence, white diamonds from Israel encapsulate the perfect blend of artistry, ethics, and symbolism. Their timeless beauty continues to captivate hearts and minds, serving as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and heritage of Israel's diamond industry.

(535-81) RD 0.40 carat  E VVS2 GIA 
4.67x2.96 mm  total cost  USD 900

(535-115) PR 0.70 carat  H VVS1 IGI 
4.92x3.68 mm total cost USD 1700

(535-122) PR 0.70 carat  F VVS1 IGI 
4.89x3.66 mm total cost  USD 2150

(535-164) RD 0.70 carat  G VS2  IGI 
5.69x3.52 mm total cost  USD 1800

(535-155) PR 0.72 carat E VS1 GIA 
4.87x3.64 mm  total USD 2100

(535-154)  PR 0.73 carat J VS1 GIA 
5.20x3.52 mm total cost USD 1200

(535-116) PR 0.76 carat F SI1 GIA
4.98x3.63 mm total cost USD 1700

(535-146)  RD 0.85 carat F VS1 IGI 
6.20x3.69 mm total cost USD 2700

(535-225) RD 0.85 P-Q Fancy Light Yellow SI2 IGI 
6.03x3.80 mm total cost USD 1000

(535-147)  RD 0.90 carat  I VS2 IGI 
6.05x3.81 mm total cost  USD 2600

(535-135) RD 1.01 carat F SI1 IGI 
6.53x3.89 mm total cost  USD 3800

(535-34)  PR 0.91 carat  G VVS1 GIA 
5.21x4.05 mm total cost USD 3200

(535-224) RD 0.92 carat J VVS1 GIA 
6.64x3.79 mm tital cost USD 2600

(535-191) RD 1.01 carat S-T  SI2 GIA 
6.66x3.74 total cost USD 1100

(535-201) EM 1.04 carat X-Y light yellow IGI
6.21x4.99x3.62 mm total cost USD 1500

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