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In the recent years, we have gathered extensive experience in selecting diamond jewelry.
We work alongside trusted Israeli jewelers who create quality gold and platinum jewelry for us at wholesale minimal prices.

Jewelry History

Gold and diamond jewelry are mainly considered a type of decoration, which we wear, especially when going to a gala event. Jewelry previously served as a religious symbol, these days still Christians tend to wear a cross-shaped jewelry piece, while Jews tend to wear jewelry shaped like the Star of David.

In previous years jewelry also served as a dowry for before a wedding and a symbol of a union between two families in some cultures. Diamond jewelry was more common among the upper class in order to shine a spotlight on their wealth.
In history, the first evidence of wearing jewelry can be found in Egypt, where gold and precious stones as jewelry was first used. The ancient Egyptians were known for their love of expensive products and rare metals.

Nowadays, there is use of a wider range of metals as jewels, the rarer the metal or stone embedded in the jewelry is considered, the higher the value of the jewelry. Rare and expensive jewelry have become a significant sign of empires, and later to a mark of the wealth of the upper class.

In the past wearing jewelry with diamonds symbolized the social status or the level of wealth of the person wearing it, but unlike those days, today jewelry is accessible to almost all people, no matter what the social status is or how wealthy they are. The great variety of jewelry and the variety of materials of which the jewelry is made, allows every person to express himself and his own unique taste.
There is no doubt people will always want to wear jewelry for the above-mentioned reasons.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewels are a woman’s best friend, very few women can stand before the temptation of beautiful diamond jewel. There is no doubt that it is a gift that can melt the heart of any woman, even the toughest one.

But what makes a diamond jewel so attractive and beautiful?
Many do not know this, but the CUT of the diamond is what makes all the difference,

without the diamond’s special CUT, the diamond itself would look like any other standard gemstone, and sometimes even uglier.

But once the diamond is cut into a certain shape, polished professionally the right way and is embedded into a piece of jewelry, a magnificent piece of jewelry is received.
The calculated price of diamond jewelry includes the weight of the gold, jeweler wages and the cost of the diamond itself.
Even today, when the round diamonds are the most popular, the CUT is the most important thing in determining a diamond's beauty, and the beauty is emphasized even more when the diamond is adjusted to the jewelry design and they are harmoniously integrated with one other.

So when passing by a jewelry store and we see a diamond jewel we cannot remove our eyes from, it's probably a harmonious combination of design and professional jewel diamond setting.

Diamond jewelry prices

Diamond jewelry prices are not cheap and it is necessary to examine what can be purchased in the planned budget, what is the desired diamond size, level of cleanliness and its color.

A diamond ring or diamond jewel is always a great gift, whether it be a holiday or birthday gift, or just something, to treat your partner, it is always worthwhile to check the option of a high-quality diamond studded jewelry.

Among the not-so-simple decisions, we have to make before a marriage proposal is, of course, choosing the perfect ring.
There are so many things to understand in the world of diamonds and jewelry, so much so that we are afraid to buy a ring or a diamond that will be of poor quality, and we will end up paying more than they are worth, and there is always the fear of not choosing something in our partner’s personal taste.

Therefore, when we get to that big moment, we use the knowledge of friends and people who have already been in this place and have successfully passed it.
The first thing we need to pay attention to is the quality of the diamond we choose for the engagement ring. The diamond polishing quality grades range from excellent, very good, good, reasonable and bad. The degree of polishing represents the glow and lightning of the diamond, which in fact, are the qualities that make a diamond special and beautiful.

The recommended levels for the purchased diamond are excellent and very good, so that the purchased diamond will have an excellent reflection and an impressive look.

The color is perhaps the second most important element when choosing an engagement ring and it is very important that we coordinated with the preferences of our future fiancée.

In order to suit her personal taste, it is recommended to look at the jewelry she normally wears, and see if she prefers wearing jewelry of white or yellow gold. In this matter, you can also ask your fiancée’s good friend.

As for the design of the ring itself, it can also be chosen from a wide variety of designs - some with a thinner ring, while others will be of a slightly thicker design, with a different style of setting of the diamonds, such as diamonds all around the ring or just along a part of it.

Your Diamond engagement ring

Another important parameter when buying a diamond ring is the size of the future fiancée’s finger.

To match the ring size, secretly try to look at other rings she wears, and estimate the size, you can always go into the nearest jewelry store with one of here rings and to know what its size is. It is better to be accurate with the ring size, and avoid the need to amend the ring later.

However, it would be better if the ring size is slightly larger than the needed size, than smaller.
When shopping for an engagement ring or any other diamond studded jewelry, it is important to select a seller who specializes in diamonds. Preferably a diamond merchant who is a member of the diamond exchange, who has vast knowledge in the matter.

This way you can also get advice and guidance about the type of ring or jewelry that will best fit your future wife or your present spouse, and you can be sure that you are getting a good quality product, that has a guarantee and that the quality of the diamond realistically reflects your payment.
I wish you a proper purchase and many years of pleasure from the jewel.

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