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This page is a dynamic source of information; there are some historical facts, a general survey of the structure of the industry, some gemmological information, and updated news about the world of diamonds today.

Perhaps the most famous advertising slogan of all time is “A Diamond is Forever” it confirmed that the diamond is a symbol of love and more importantly it solidified the diamond market as every marriage in the Western World required one and almost guaranteed that the gemstone would not be re-sold. This has made the diamond into “The King of Gemstones”


5 Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

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5 Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring
Congratulations! You've decided to propose and you want to make sure the memory of the day you asked "the big question" is perfect. That means taking care of every detail, from the flowers and wine, to the diamond ring you'll be proposing with. Buying the perfect diamond engagement ring may sound intimidating and a lot of people don't know where to begin their search, so we've put together 5 tips to make things just a bit easier for you.

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Synthetic Diamonds

April 22, 2015

Synthetic diamonds are those created or grown in a laboratory by a crystal growth process, atom by atom. The term usually means imitation, artificial or fake but in this case the content of the stones produced are made from pure carbon as are natural geologically formed diamonds.

There are two main methods employed, one is a physical process known as HPHT, using high pressure and temperature and the other is a chemical method known as CVD (chemical vapor deposition) using a hydrocarbon gas mixture.

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Diamond History

Cecil Rhodes, the famous British colonist realised upon the discovery of a large South African mine that the diamond business needed to be consolidated which he promptly did by controlling the mining of diamonds. This led to the foundation of the De Beers Company; the name De Beers taken from two brothers who owned the farm on which the Kimberley mines were discovered. The brothers are long forgotten but the name De Beer lives on as one of the world’s biggest and well-known companies, still controlling the majority of the diamond market.

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Looking for diamonds

Diamond Mining and Sources

Diamonds are stunning, mysterious and rare. They reach us after a long journey starting deep down in the earth as carbon put under enormous pressure and temperature. Molten rock called magma carry them to the surface and they are found within tubes or pipes as they are known of volcanic rock, in this instance named kimberlite. Sometimes these are worn away by weathering and the diamonds will reappear within alluvial deposits at times a great distance from their original source.

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Manufacturing and Cutting

Once mined, rough diamonds are sorted into industrial diamonds or those of gem quality. Those of gem quality are classified into groups based on size, shape, quality and color. Every diamond has some unique feature so as no two diamonds are the same.

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Diamond Types and Grades

Cut: The art of polishing a diamond is to maximize its brilliance and fire (dispersion). A diamond that is cut too deep or too shallow will be less brilliant and ultimately, less valuable. The cut is the only factor of a polished diamond's value that is controlled by human hands.

Colour: The smallest variation in colour makes a difference. Colourless diamonds are the most admired, but diamonds are found in all colours of the rainbow. The rarer the colour, the more valuable is the diamond.

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Kohinor Diamond

Marketing and Famous Stones

June 23, 2014

Some of the most celebrated diamonds include:
The Cullinan: Found in South Africa in 1905, it was the world's largest gem-quality diamond, weighing 3,105 carats uncut.
The Tiffany: Discovered in the Kimberley Mine around 1877, this 287.42-carat diamond was turned into a 128.54-carat yellow cushion cut with 90 facets.

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