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Trade shows, exhibitions or fairs as they often called date back to medieval times but today, even with virtual trade shows, where visitors can access stands 24/7, 365 days a year, it is estimated that there are over 1,500 jewellery and gem shows annually worldwide. Amongst the most famous ones are Basel world in Switzerland with 1,800 exhibitors from 41 countries and over 100,000 visitors, JCK in Las Vegas, USA with 2,500 exhibitors and Hong Kong with 3,600 exhibitors.

The diversity of the venues reflects equally the variety of exhibitors and buyers with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and even the public in some of the shows, attending.

Any serious company offering jewellery and diamonds, two very personal and fashion items, must be confident that they are giving the best value for money and simultaneously furnished with the awareness of all that is available.

The excitement and tension of a trade fair affords both the serious buyer and seller this opportunity.

Please note that these shows are annual and some of the dates shown represent those for 2013 as new dates are confirmed for 2014 

All the exhibitions listed have a strong presence of diamond exhibitors, we constantly add information and news about shows as it becomes available.

Moti Israeli Diamonds exhibits at some of these shows.

Below you will find a list of diamond exhibitions for 2014:

Name Location Date
Mumbai Jewellery & Gem Fair Mumbai, India 27.11.14 - 29.11.14
Vicenzaoro Winter Edition Italy 06.09.14 - 10.09.14
IJS Signature Mumbai, India 21.02.15 - 23.02.15
Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair Bangkok 09.0914 - 13.09.14
HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Hong Kong 21.03.15 - 06.03.15
Jewellery Shanghai Shanghai 06.11.14 - 09.11.14
JCK Las Vegas Las Vegas 29.05.15 - 01.06.15
June Hong Kong Gems & Jewellery Fair Hong Kong 19.06.15 - 22.06.15
IIJS- India International Jewellery Show August India 17.07.15 - 21.07.15
September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair Hong Kong 15.09.15 - 19.09.15

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The 11th Shanghai International Jewelry Exhibition

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