Buy a diamond ring in Israel?


While the engagement ring is rocking the left finger, the path to marriage should start with the right foot.
This is how you will choose an impressive, high-quality diamond ring - and most importantly: at the right price.
We all know that buying an engagement ring or any diamond jewelry is usually a small and unconventional financial expense.
The diamond and diamond jewelry industry is a branch of mystery and obscurity that makes buying diamond jewelry not an easy task.

The choice of gold
The metal is an important part of the diamond jewelry, even on the aesthetic level but mainly on the quality and price level.
Here are some things you should know about gold:
24 K gold is gold that is close to pure gold. This gold cannot be used to make jewelry because it is too soft.
If a seller tells you that it is 24K gold, there are two options: either it is a lie or it is just a coating.
One of the metals used to mix gold is nickel.
The problem is that close to 10% of the population suffers from this metal allergy.
If you suffer from nickel allergy make sure you purchase a white gold ring that has not been nickel-plated,
or choose yellow gold that is not usually nickel-plated.
The purity dimensions of gold in diamond jewelry usually range from 14K-22K.
The price differences are significant, If you have a monetary limit, there is no reason to choose a
14K gold that is high quality and durable. In the State of Israel, 14K gold is not considered a luxury metal.
The authenticity of the gold is done quite simply and the stamping is done. 
By law, every jewelry store should have a photo of the seals.
In addition, any self-respecting diamond jewelry store or diamond manufacturer will hold a 10X magnifying glass.
Two-gram gold or higher must have three stamps:                                      
The manufacturer's stamp, the gold purity stamp in carats or in thousands, and most importantly,
the Israeli Standards Institute's verification stamp.
Gold weighing less is not charged at marking, but is required by law to tested.
Do not be ashamed to surprise the seller with a question about it and examine its response.

Choosing the embedded diamond
The diamond is the most valuable component of the diamond jewelry so its choice is critical to the price.
The value of a diamond is determined in part by its physical characteristics and the following tips may help you greatly.
You may be surprised to hear, but a perfectly transparent diamond with no flaws should not be your main goal.                                                 
These are the reasons:
The beauty of the diamond comes first and foremost from its sparkle.            
A shimmering diamond is actually an aesthetically worthless diamond.         
Many things can be compromised when purchasing a diamond piece, but the quality of the diamond is not one of them.
The diamond's cutting quality actually determines its shimmer level, and a diamond that is not properly cut will not shimmer                                                                                           
Buy a high-cut diamond jewel, not least a very good one.
Quality cutting also helps in the diamond size category.
A diamond that is of a quality cut and belongs to the rank of excellent will look exceptionally large.
Unlike the quality of the cut, the diamond's level of cleanliness can be compromised.
Perfect diamonds without blemishes are extremely rare and their price is accordingly.
There are many diamonds with imperfections that cannot be seen without a 10x magnification.
These diamonds are cheaper than perfect diamonds, and there is no fear that anyone will notice the difference.
Levels of   VS2, SI1, SI2 are definitely sufficient.
Another smart choice is the choice of diamond color.                                
Very white diamonds are rare, perceived as more fun and of course more expensive.
Their beauty benefit disappears when it comes to small diamonds.
Only an expert will notice a significant difference in color when the diamond is inlaid with the jewel,
especially when it comes to yellow gold that gives a yellowish tint to the diamond.
Color levels F, G, H are definitely sufficient.

Diamond weight
Diamond weight is another criterion for determining its price. 
But, unlike most people think, the price of a diamond is not determined by its absolute weight but by its weight category.
For example, all diamonds in the 0.40-0.49 carat weight category,
that are completely identical in their other physical properties will cost exactly the same.
A 0.50 carat diamond will already cost a lot more.

Design and embedding
Beyond the importance of diamond design and embedding in terms of quality and aesthetics,
design and embedding has a major impact on the perceived size of the diamond piece and hence the impression it makes.
The glitter of a diamond is due to the return of light.
This feature can be maximized by embedding a large diamond surrounded by small diamonds.
The reflection of the light rays between the small diamonds and the center diamond will greatly
strengthen the sparkle of the diamond and also create an optical illusion where it will look larger than it is.
Another illusion is possible when choosing a rhodium-plated on a white gold diamond ring.
Rhodium is a silver and shiny metal and therefore also reinforces the sparkle of the diamonds and gives them a bigger look.
Watch out for the rhodium-plated on yellow gold jewelry.
After even a year the rhodium plating will start to peel off and the ring will look bad.
High inlay quality assures you that the diamonds will not fall off the jewel.
Don't be ashamed and ask to see the diamond jewel under a magnifying glass.
Look for defects in inlay, loose teeth and the like. There is no need to be an expert to identify non-quality work.
Another option in the diamond inlay is to choose an inlay called "Invisible Inlay"
In the form of this inlay, a few small diamonds are crowded close together.
With no in-depth look, there will be an illusion that this is one big diamond and not a few small
diamonds together - which will make the diamond jewelry look much more impressive.

Where to buy?
Choose only the place that gives you a gemological certificate from an internationally recognized laboratory
alongside the diamond jewelry.
Gemological certificate is the diamond ID and it assures you that the diamond features sold to you are correct.
Providing the gemological certificate alongside the diamond jewelry is not enough: check the gemological lab that issued it.
This can be done quite easily by searching the Internet or contacting the Diamond Exchange Intelligence.
Diamond, as mentioned, is the most valuable element of the jewelry you buy.
For the most part, diamonds go through many hands until they reach the diamond jewelry displayed in the store.
For this reason, it is more lucrative to buy from diamond manufacturers and wholesalers.
They buy the diamonds or the rough diamonds at a lower price than the regular jewelry stores and therefore can
sell you the diamond jewelry at a lower price.

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