The diamond market is advancing into the online realms


The diamond trade is time-honored practice, and in the past whoever wanted to purchase a diamond had to meet the seller (or his agents) in person, and then he was given the opportunity to examine the diamond that was offered for sale in a non-technological and uncertain manner, when only knowledge and experience guaranteed then that the transaction will be completed successfully.
Can you purchase a diamonds online?
The short answer is –absolutely!
Purchasing a diamond is a festive and joyful event. When the diamond is intended for an engagement ring or an impressive jewel you need to verify that the designated diamond will suit the event, the jewel, the expectations and the budget.
The main advantage of purchasing a diamond on the internet is the enormous supply that is then offered to us and the ability to compare diamonds from around the world without the vast effort of having to physically run between the stores.
If you act correctly, you can use the internet platform in order to find and buy the proper diamond at an affordable price. Let us emphasize that purchasing a diamond online needs to be done wisely and carefully in order that we will truly purchase what we're expecting and we won't fall into a scam.
The purchasing of a diamond online is suited for people who can delve into matters and enjoy the need to expand their knowledge in order to successfully cope with the challenge of tracing the perfect stone and purchasing it at the best terms.
It's worth mentioning that "the best terms" doesn't refer only to the price but to a set of variables, which include the credibility of the seller, true figures that attest to the traits of the diamond we chose, the reliability of the gemological laboratory that supplies the certificate and the manner of payment.
The Four Famous Parameters are still the Heart of the Matter:
Everybody who is interested in purchasing a diamond needs to know the four parameters that are called: The 4C's (which stand for Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut).

  1. The diamond's weight is measured by carats (1 carat= 1/5 gram).

  2. The diamond's color is rated by Latin letters (D represents the whitest color).

  3. Clarity

  4. The diamond's cut refers to the proportions and to the polishing of the diamond that affect its quality.

If you're interested in making the most from the process of purchasing a diamond then look in the internet for these parameters in order that you'll be able to understand the specification that will be presented to you in regards to every diamond that's offerred for sale.
A Gemological Certificate
Even if you could hold the diamond and look at it through a loupe (the diamantaire's magnifying glass that increases the diamond times 10) it is doubtful whether you can determine that the diamond is worth the price the seller is asking for.  That's why it is recommended not to purchase, either online or otherwise, a diamond that weighs 0.30 carats or more without receiving a certificate that the diamond passed a gemological examination by an acknowledged, independent and unbiased team of experts (meaning that aren't on behalf of the seller). There are a number of acknowledged gemological institutes that supply such certificates.
It's very important to know, and the certificate will of course mention this, whether the diamond is natural (and it wasn't produced in a laboratory), and whether it underwent such treatments as drilling or heating under pressure in order to improve its natural traits (color and clarity) while lowering its price.
If you're interested in purchasing a diamond online then dedicate the time to learn about the 4C's, about the treatments that are done today in natural diamonds and about how to know whether the diamond you're buying is a natural one and not laboratory-made.
Embark on an adventure that will end with purchasing a marvelous stone that is the hardest of all minerals. A unique stone that it took millions of years in order that it'll be created in the depths of the earth.    

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