Man-Made Diamonds in Jewelry


Man-made diamonds are also known as lab created diamonds, manufactured diamonds, cultured diamonds, engineered diamonds, lab grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds.

Such diamonds are in fact precious stones grown in laboratory conditions which simulate the earth's natural environment where natural diamonds form.

Given the rarity of natural diamonds and the high demand they come under it is obvious why for over a century attempts have been made at creating man-made diamonds. It is important to understand that this is no simple feat, the conditions under which pure carbon is transformed into the hardest material on earth are hard to mimic artificially, immense pressure, heat and millions of years are necessary for natural diamonds to form.

The formidable challenges of growing diamonds in lab conditions have been tackled over recent years. A seed consisting of a tiny natural diamond is placed in a chamber where conditions of great heat and pressure are maintained. Pure carbon atoms are introduced and, over several weeks, layers build up over the diamond seed, thickness grows until a rough, high quality diamond is created, typically of II A grade

Cultured diamonds are sold at around two thirds the cost of natural diamonds of similar carat, cut, color and clarity. Since diamond engineering technology will undoubtedly advance it is safe to assume that the cost of growing man-made diamonds will decrease and with it their price. For this reason a diamond jewel, such as a diamond engagement ring, made with a lab grown diamond will only maintain its value if it is extremely well designed and crafted.

Controversy Amongst the Diamond Trading Community and Jewelers
it is only to be expected that as the quality of manmade diamond rises so does controversy over how use of them in jewelry compares to that of "real diamonds" (i.e. naturally formed ones).
The advantages of cultured diamonds are numerous. For instance, they allow for purchasing a more impressive piece of diamond jewelry for a fixed budget. On the other hand many feel that a diamond jewel with a natural diamond is more authentic and desirable than an identical jewel with a stone created in a lab.

The way top quality man-made diamonds and cultured diamond jewels are regarded varies greatly. In the Israeli diamond exchange for instance trading in lab created diamonds is not allowed in the diamond exchange itself and only takes place in its vicinity.
Some manufacturers of diamond jewelry, including Israel diamond design firms, specialize in using man-made diamonds, others altogether refrain from it. Man-made diamond manufacturers insist that not only natural diamonds be called "real diamonds" (a title such as "Israel real diamonds manufacturer" is therefore no longer an oxymoron), old school diamond experts frown at such suggestions. One thing is for certain, cultured diamonds have well earned their place besides natural diamonds and they are here to stay.
Anyone looking to buy a diamond engagement ring today can choose between one with a natural diamond or real diamond and one with a man-made one, it is important to make an informed decision. 


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