How to Buy Diamonds

If you ask how buying a car differs from buying a diamond, the answer is found in how we make the choice. Cars come in any style, colour and price as do diamonds and most people become motor engineers and profess to know about the intricacies of the motor industry when purchasing a car.

Yet when it comes to buying a diamond, the male pretence vanishes and he is willing to resign his virility in deference to the shop assistant even in full view of his female partner.

In truth, the variety of available diamonds is more than that of the automobile, colour, shape, size and price are expressed in the 4cs – colour, cut, clarity and carat.

Internet took away the secrets of the trade and you will find all the answers to the question 'How To Buy Diamonds' on­line, dispassionately discussing the diamond and informing the potential buyer about the famous 4c's and if the article is creative, it will invent once again the "5 consultation or any other 'C word' that fits their marketing plans. th C" that some will call certificate and some.

As the scope of diamonds is so vast, one has to create a starting point and Moti Israeli Diamonds understands the need for avoiding the average diamond sold and instead provides you with a stone that fits just you and the desires of your heart.

The Budget for a Diamond

A word we all try to avoid, it implies commitment, sounds like we have to spend money we do not want to part with and suggests more than we can afford. In truth the vast scope of available diamonds means we need to have a starting point to base our options, and if we decide on a price that we want to spend rather than have to spend, our choice will be a happy experience and certainly easier.


There is no end to knowledge about diamonds, starting from the basics of geology, chemical composition, physical properties, and the intricacies of light refraction and the economics of choice of cut to name just a few. However, the basic facts of the array of available colours, the influence on the eye by clarity, the appeal of the shapes in different cuts and the effect on size through the carat weight are all a necessity.

Moti Israeli Diamonds will take you through all these points and open up a new world for you in the understanding of diamonds as an affection of your heart.

The Diamond as a Jewel

As much as a diamond is an investment and a work of art in itself, when set in a jewel it takes on a new dimension and says as much about the person as the clothes they wear. There are different metals and even gold is available is different tones and qualities, expressed as karat. 14­karat means 14 parts out of 24 are pure gold whilst the remaining 10 parts are alloys of other metals such as silver, palladium or copper depending on whether we want to create an effect of yellow, white, red or even two tone gold.

The way the stone is actually set also influences the visible effect of the diamond, a bezel setting will create the illusion of a larger stone whilst a prong setting will allow more light to enter the gem and add brilliance. Once again, Moti Israeli Diamonds with their years of experience will guide you and help you choose the item to express your inner feelings.

As we have access to  diamond stocks that you can see on-line and by personally viewing them, we can offer you the best value for money on any quality you require or the best stone for a fixed budget. Every purchase has different criteria and we meet them all, whether you need colour, spread, or an excellent cut our team will hand pick the perfect match just for you without the usual hassle of diamond buying.

There is a heart and soul to every diamond and the more this means to you, so does the need to rely on a person who has held and seen the stone.

Moti Israeli Diamonds gives you 100% dependability, reliability, and full confidence in what you tell your customer.

Your interests are our interests, we are not selling 2 you, we are buying 4 you, and as we want you to come back to us, we take our work very seriously.