Compare one ounce of gold with another ounce of gold; you will not see any difference assuming they are of the same shape and size. This makes gold a commodity.

To prove the old argument about whether a diamond is a commodity or a gemstone, just compare two stones of the same category. Everyone knows that stones are graded by using the 4C’s; colour, clarity, carat weight and cut.

As a commodity, two stones with the same grading would have exactly the same price and value but as a gemstone, each of the two stones has their own uniqueness. No two diamonds are identical, much the same as snowflakes and of course the human being. Yes, a diamond has the beauty of a snowflake and the expressiveness of an individual personality.

How can this be and what does it say about the grading system? If we told you that there are two people of the same height, weight, complexion, hair colour and body shape, there would be no surprise as to their eventual difference. Similarly, a diamond once graded can have a sparkle and a life that goes well beyond the certificate.

The result means that the customers of Moti Israeli Diamonds keep returning to buy more stones because you will receive better gem value for every buying dollar you spend through us or identical stones found with MID and elsewhere, the stone with us will cost you less dollars.

We only offer you stones that we have seen and held furthermore our recommendations go deeper than the four 4C’s, they touch the personality of the stone, and reach the heart of your customer and the vital emotion that completes a sale.