Diamonds can easily be purchased online these days, especially with the highly secure
websites that various international diamond exchanges make available to buyers. Even so,
how do you choose the right provider and diamond exchange? You may be surprised to learn
that the Israeli Diamond Exchange is very popular among diamond brokers around the world
and serious buyers and traders prefer to purchase Israeli diamonds for several reasons.
1. GIA Certification
Certification and proper reporting is always necessary, but it becomes even more important
when purchasing online since buyers cannot inspect the product themselves. Israeli diamonds
purchase from reliable retailers such as Moti Israeli and the Diamonds Bursa are known for
The GIA, Gemological institute of America, is considered one of the most reliable diamond
laboratories in the world due to their many years of experience and the fact that they are
completely independent. GIA certification includes every important factor that diamond buyers
need to know about a diamond, giving you an exact idea of what you're buying and what it’s
worth. All in all, GIA certification ensures that you know exactly what you are buying and allows
you to make your purchase with confidence.
2. Advanced Encryption Technology
Because diamond retailers and exchanges deal with very large exchanges, online purchases
must be done over a highly secure and encrypted website. The Israeli Diamond Exchange
and certified Israeli diamond retailers benefit from the advanced encryption technologies
available in what is known around the globe as the "Start Up Nation". Israel is the source
of many technologies available around the world today and is a world leader in advanced
encryption and online security.
3. International Standards
Israeli diamond retailers and the exchange must uphold both strict Israeli standards and the
international trade rules of the WFDB, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. This means
that every factor from the etiquette of the people involved to the information available on the
website is in line with international standards. Diamond buyers around the world benefit from
reliable and international suppliers in Israel while still benefiting from unique and certified
4. Reliable History and Industry
The diamond industry in Israel is one of the largest and most prominent in the world and has,
over the years, developed into an international diamond trade center. Today, it is a big part
of Israel's economy and the import and the Ministry of Economy supervises export of
diamonds in Israel. When you buy Israeli diamonds from a reliable wholesaler, like
Moti Israeli, you are getting top quality products that are certified and abide by the highest
and strictest international standards.