While a 1-carat diamond may sound like something small to you, any jeweler will tell you that there are many things you can do with it.

How big is a 1-Carat Diamond?

First, let us understand how big a 1-carat diamond really is. A diamond's carat is essentially its weight. 1 carat is 200 milligrams, which sounds tiny but it is actually bigger than it sounds. The actual size will differ depending on its shape and cut. Here are the approximate sizes for the different shapes:

  • Round - 6.5 millimeters in diameter
  • Princess - 5.5 mm sq
  • Emerald - 7 mm by 5.5 mm
  • Pear - 8 mm by 5.5 mm
  • Heart - 6.5 mm by 6.5 mm
  • Oval - 7.5 mm by5.5 mm
  • Marquise - 10 mm by 4.75 mm

This makes it the perfect weight for nearly every jewelry piece, from earrings and rings to pendants and bracelets.

The round cut diamond is one of the most popular shapes and has 57 facets (58 with a culet). Like all polished diamonds, there are 4 main parts: the table, crown, girdle and pavilion. The table, which is the top flat section of the diamond, has one facet. The crown is the angled area surrounding the diamond and that has 8 bezels, 8 stars, and 16 upper girdle facets. The pavilion, which is the bottom part under the crown, is made of 8 pavilions and 16 lower girdle facets. All together, not including 1 facet for the culet at the very bottom, that makes 57 facets.

Diamond Prices Greatly Vary

Even for a "small" 1-carat diamond, other factors such as the cut, color, and clarity influence the diamond's price so there is not one standard price for a diamond of this weight. For example, the price for a round 1-carat diamond with a brilliant cut, D color, flawless clarity and that is well proportioned and excellent cut is estimated at a little over $20,000 retail. Most jewelers will sell a pair of 1-carat earrings or a ring for much less than that, which means that the clarity, cut and color are of lower quality.

1 Carat Diamonds are the Most Popular Choice

1 carat diamonds are sold most often internationally and are the popular choice by many jewelers and traders due to their size and price, which makes them easier to sell in jewelry. Most people have a certain budget in mind when shopping for jewelry, and in most cases, this budget is under $15,000. This makes 1-carat diamonds more appealing to both buyers and jewelers.

Certification is Still Important!

When it comes to diamonds, certification is always important. Just because a diamond is "small" or is purchase in a piece of jewelry, from a jewelry does not make its certificates any less important. While other factors come in to play when purchasing jewelry, such as the other materials involved, the GIA certification of a diamond will give you a better idea of the quality you are getting and if it is really worth the price you are paying.

The average wholesale price for a 1 carat diamond that is GIA certified can range anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000 so this is very important. Moti Israeli's diamonds are all GIA certified and can be purchased for wholesale prices.