January 29, 2020

If you've ever tried to learn more about diamonds and the worldwide diamond trade, you've most likely figured out quite quickly that there are several key locations associated with this intriguing field. We are referring to places where bulk quantities of ancient precious stones are traded. Israel is, to the dismay of some and joy of many, one of the most important places on earth, as far as the diamond trade is concerned.

If you're thinking of buying a diamond, online or in any other old-fashioned way, you should consider buying the stone you are looking for, from the diamond institute located in Israel. More specifically, at the diamond exchange district, the "diamond bursa". The Diamond Bursa is located right on the border between the city of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.

We've gathered some information regarding buying a diamond in Israel. In the following paragraphs you will find answers to questions such as "Why is Israel a good place to buy a diamond?", "Where do the diamonds traded in the Israeli diamond exchange come from?" and more.

Are diamonds from Israel of good quality?
Diamonds from Israel are of varying quality just like diamonds found anywhere else in the world. No real diamond is exactly like any other. Each stone must be professionally appraised (according to the four c's) in order to ascertain its true worth. Among the many advantages of buying a diamond in Israel, is the fact that the Israeli diamond exchange is renowned for transparency and honesty. Deals that have taken place within the Israeli diamond exchange are significantly more straightforward, safe and professional. This fact makes it very easy to understand all there is to know about the diamond you’re considering purchasing.

Is Israel known for diamonds? 
Even before the state of Israel was established in 1948, many Jewish families were involved in the diamond trade. It was in fact extremely common for Jewish Families to work as goldsmiths, jewelers and diamond experts. These families utilized their family ties to contact relatives on the other side of the world, they traded diamonds both publicly as well as in secret.  

Are there diamond mines in Israel?
There are no diamond mines in Israel. The stock held by the diamond institutions located in Israel come from all over the globe.
What is a diamond exchange?
A diamond exchange is a place where diamonds are traded. There are well known diamond exchanges in Antwerp Belgium, Bangkok Thailand, Istanbul Turkey, Bharat India, and many more. In Addition to the Israeli diamond exchange, another important diamond exchange where Jews have always been a big part of, is the one in Antwerp Belgium. The Israeli diamond exchange is one of the world's biggest and most highly respected centers of diamond trading in the world.

Buying a diamond online allows you to choose from a wide range of stones. When doing so, it is essential that you go about making such a purchase in an educated manner. Take the time to read up about the topic, ask questions and educate yourself, so you feel certain that you understand the qualities of the stone (or stones) you’re considering buying.
Whether the diamond is intended to be set in an engagement ring or for another type of jewelry, many of the professionals working at the Israeli Diamond Exchange are true experts, with many years of experience. One can utilize this by referring questions to representatives at the Israeli Diamond Institute, who will be more than happy to help you in your quest to buy the perfect stone.