A woman who has experienced nuptial bliss knows the scenario. Everything is set, invitations, wedding planner,dress, hairdresser and even the colour of the fingernails.Just one question left before we run, "what jewelleryshould I wear?"


She told her mirror, "They say that jewellery should say as much about you as the clothes you wear." The wondrous image returned with a smile, "if you know thatthen you know what you want from your jewellery." Our bride answered with a determined but confident look, "I will choose my jewellery accordingly then."


Gold comes in warm tones of pink and yellow, and white gold, platinum or silver will blend perfectly with a white gown. Dangling earrings will add height, bracelets will add grace and movement, and a necklace will add pure elegance. Jewellery creates and expresses any style ourexotic bride wants to share with her excited guests.


Consulting Moti Israeli Diamonds will help you find and match the right diamond for the jewel of your choice. They will advise you on the best quality for any budget.Any shape from round brilliant to princess, in sizes from those of your wildest dreams to the tiniest that embellishthe most heart-capturing dress.


Natural fancy coloured diamonds in red and pink tones will allow passions to run wild, blue will allow serenity to rule the night, whilst green will show the eternal love of the married couple,and yellow will inspire those who behold the magic of the bride. Diamonds, the king of the gemstones will make the bride into a queen.


She returned to the mirror that laughed when she told it, "I know what I shall do."


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