When it comes to choosing jewelry with a diamond in it, whether it is an engagement ring or a gold ring with a diamond embedded in it, we are dealing with much more than an emotional choice. The reason for this is because diamonds are a financial asset that its value is well preserved, and it is important that you will choose a diamond of a high quality that will suit your budget. Even if you checked in the internet, and you learned about the four Cs, and you think you know what are the characteristics of a qualitative diamond, it will be hard for you (and even experts may someAtimes find it difficult) to evaluate the quality of the stone without receiving any professional guarantee that the diamond in your hand is in fact a qualitative one. This is precisely the reason why every diamond has a certificate, which is called a gemological certificate, in order to attest to its quality. The gemological certificate of the diamond specifies all of the data, which may interest you regarding the specific diamond you want to buy, including its size, its clarity, the quality of its cutting and other variables.
A Gemological Certificate- The Diamond's I.D. 
There are laboratories in the world that specialize in examining diamonds. These laboratories issue for each diamond they examine a gemological certificate that documents all of the details of the diamond, such as:

  • A guarantee that this is a highly valuable diamond.

  • A specification about the indexes of the diamond- its size, weight, color, symmetry, clarity, cutting and etc.

The diamonds that have a gemological certificate from a renowned institute are diamonds that will keep their value, and when you purchase them you can absolutely know that you purchased a diamond of a high quality.
The Renowned Laboratories in the World that Provide Reliable Gemological Certificates 
The gemological certificates of diamonds arrive from a variety of sources, including private laboratories and unrenowned laboratories. The renowned laboratories in the world enjoy a reputation of reliability and quality, and therefore the data and the professional valuations in the gemological certificates that they provide are highly regarded by every diamantaire, jewel collector or professional. Therefore, it is recommended to choose diamonds that have a gemological certificate from those renowned institutes.
The leading international laboratory that supplies gemological certificates for diamonds is the Gemological Institute of America – the GIA. This is a non-profit laboratory, which was established in 1931 and it is a worldly known example of professionalism and reliability. It is no wonder that diamonds that have a gemological certificate from the GIA are traded at very high prices compared to diamonds with similar characteristics that their gemological certificates are from other laboratories.
In the bottom line- you need to choose a professional you trust
Contrary to the many other purchases you will do in your life, diamonds are forever. Therefore, and especially if you have a large budget in order to purchase a diamond or you are looking for a qualitative or special diamond- it is important that you choose a professional who will escort you and give you a reliable consultation, a fair pricing and liability for the diamonds that he provides to you.
At Moti Israeli Diamonds, all the diamonds have a gemological certificate from the GIA, and we are always here to advise you.