Case Studies

Here are examples for cases we consult and help our customers:

An Experienced Diamond Buyer is faced with a Dilemma and Turns to MOTI ISRAELI, a Leading Consultant in the ISRAEL DIAMOND BOURSE.

Q: C. H. F.   a Far Eastern diamond buyer: Moti hi, as you helped me in the past, I need your urgent advice, a tourist approached me two days ago and wants me to find her a pair of diamond stud natural fancy intense yellow  diamonds, with specific dimensions  VS1 to SI1, each weighing just over a carat. My local diamond wholesaler says he does not have this in stock and needs a long time to find this request. I don’t really have all this time as she is leaving in another two weeks, can you help?

A: Moti Israeli: Hi Ch.., good to hear from you again, I read your message a few minutes after you sent it and understand your dilemma. We took advantage of the time difference between started working and us on your enquiry. It is difficult enough to find a pair of matching gemstones without special requirements and especially so when dealing with natural fancy coloured diamonds. We have decided in the circumstances to start with one diamond that will meet your needs and then search for a second diamond to match that. As we have access to hundreds of parties in Israel, Belgium and Mumbai and are in constant contact with many polishers, we knew we will be able to do this, but the challenge now is to work within the frame time involved.

Q: Thank you Moti, we know we can rely on you.

Three days later —
A: We found a beautiful 1.05 ct. fancy intense yellow SI1 diamond with a GIA certificate, very close to the dimensions you required. In fact, it was such a splendid specimen that we are a little wary as to the possibility to find a match for it. We decided to go for it feeling confident that in case your customer decides for something else, we will have other customers for this magnificent diamond.

Q:  If you cannot find a match we may well be interested in this stone for ourselves, keep us posted. 

Two days later—
Good news! It was quite a challenge to find the right match; none of the regular diamond suppliers had anything suitable, the same with online stocks. We approached the vast array of diamond cutters we know and work with and one of the best in the business had a perfect match with regard to colour but it was slightly larger. After explaining our quest, he agreed to re-cut the diamond bringing it to an identical size and shape, however as you need it urgently, we will not be able to get a GIA certificate in time, we ask you therefore if an IGI laboratory certificate will be satisfactory? Incidentally, I don’t think that we could have found such a perfect match by looking for an original pair.

Q: Moti, how long do you need to provide an IGI certificate, this is your local lab right?

A: Allow three working days and yes it is a local lab, and they are completely reliable.

Q: I will speak to my client, I am sure she will agree to this, thanks for all your extraordinary help.

After a few more days during which time the customer agreed and the stones were dispatched.
Moti we have two of the best words for the two diamonds, “Thank You,” we will talk more. Our customer said she had never seen service like this before. All the best

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